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Ravine descent is a mountain sport as well as an amusement activity, where you'll have to descend a gorge with the aid of ropes, abseiling, slides, jumps, cable railings, rock climbing techniques and a professional mountain guide. All of this plus your enthusiasm to have a formidable experience will make it possible for you to enjoy an aquatic activity in nature with guaranteed safety. Whether it is your first time of if you are experienced, we have different ravines adapted to all levels and requirements
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Ravine of Segudet (Ordino), situated inside Andorra, Ravine of Perles (Perles), situated in the Alt Urgell, are both ideal for beginners or people with little experience, continuous water flow, abseiling heights that don't exceed ten metres, one or another short slide and jump.

The duration of the outing is more or less three hours and is ideal for adults and children over 7 years.

Ravine of Boixols (Boixols), Ravine of la Font Bordonera (Organya), Canyon of Lavansa (Ribera d'Urgellet), situated in Andorra and the neighbouring region of Alt Urgell, make it possible for us to offer our clients canyons with plentiful water, very aquatic, with high jumps ( up to 12 metres) slides, abseiling (up to 20 metres), areas where one can enjoy these activities to the maximum, always in an environment with plentiful water and lots of fun. So canyons such as Lavansa, Font Bordonera, Boixols, Rio Fred, Marc, Artiga, Escales and Fontanella are at your disposal.

Llech Gorges (Prades) and Artiga Canyon (Vicdessos), specifically for experts, located in Canigo and Ariege region (France): very aquatic, jumps, slides of 15m on granite and abseils of 15m, adults of 18 years old and good swimmers. Considered the most fun canyons in the Pyrenees. Whole day trip.

Canyoning Level 1 Segudet 41,00€

Canyoning Level 2 Lavansa,Boixols, Bordonera 57,00€

Canyoning Level 3 Artiga, Llech 60,00€

Canyoning Level 4 Gavarra,Cady I Nuria 75,00€

Transport is on the client's expense