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In order you can enjoy the mountain at your leisure, away from crowds and with the privacy you require, we bring to you the possibility of hiring a Mountain Leader so that you can choose the walk or trek you want to do, the ravine you wish to descend, the via ferrata you want to climb or the option you wish to propose in Andorra or somewhere else in the Pyrenees. We also offer the possibility of enjoying the company of a professional to do overnight training excursions for a club or federation. We prepare for exams of specific sport techniques, safety training for jobs involving vertical heights. We give advice in the creation of installations that involve height, in other words, all that relates with the world of vertical heights and mountains. Discover Nordic Walking and get into shape, you only need to carry some walking poles with the correct measurement for your height, like that, apart from moving your legs, you will also move your arms. This will give you good aerobic exercise while at the same time enjoying the natural environment.
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Low mountain itineraries

Easy walking, with little height difference, always in the valley floor, for all abilities, interesting themes like Transhumance, cattle farming, wild flowers, fauna, mountain vegetation, forestry, the iron mines, visits to mountain huts and shepherds huts (orris) all in the valleys of the Principality. The duration never exceeds 4 hours. We visit the Sorteny valley national park discovering the wild flowers, fauna and its special vegetation. Duration about 3 hours or a visit to the Vall del Madriu part of the U.N.E.S.C.O World heritage.

Middle mountain itineraries

Walks between easy and medium difficulty, about 400 meter positive height difference, very interesting the glacial circs and lakes (e.g. Estanyo,Cabana Sorda,Les Truites, Juglar, Pessons, Font Argent, etc) discovering the flora and fauna in the valleys, duration 4 hours.

High mountain itineraries

Walks between medium and difficult, between 400 and 1500 meters of positive height difference. The ascension of all the peaks and valleys in Andorra discovering glacial circs, mountain lakes, mountain flowers and wild animals. Duration 6 to 8 hours.

Exclusive Guide for walking minimum 4 persons

½ Day 140€

1 Day 210€

Walks and treks

Low mountain itineraries ( Valley floor) 3 hours 10,00 €

Middle mountain itineraries ( Lakes) ½ day 20,00 €

High mountain itineraries (Peaks, Treks) 1 day 4 per min 40,00 €