Via ferratas

The via ferratas are routes equipped with a large wall, which will give you the feeling of climbing at great heights, without having to have the technique to overcome obstacles.


Canyoning is a fun mountain activity and sport, in which you have to go down a gorge, with the help of ropes, abseils, slides, jumps, handrails, climbing techniques and a guide.

Zip line

Zip Line Park on the ravine of Segudet, 10 minutes from Ordino, flies to more than 100 meters from the ground for 16 zip lines of up to 200 meters. The route has two difficulty levels, red 6 zip lines and black 10 zip lines, the longest is 200 meters and the month short of 80 meters. Activity of 2 hours, departures scheduled at 9am, 11 h and 14 hours.      


So that you can enjoy the mountain at your leisure, as you want, as you like, without crowds and with the intimacy you desire, we put at your disposal, the possibility of hiring a Guide.

Bridge Swing

If you have always wanted to fly like birds and you did not find a way to do it, if you had ever wondered if you would be able to jump into the void and feel the sensation of gravity.

Links of interest

EFPEM (Escola de Formació de Professions Esportives i de Muntanya d'Andorra)